PulTec is one of the most recorgnizable studio gears there it. Its characteristic huge solid button. When you read about this EQ everybody talks about the amazing lowend it ads to the sound material. So it’s really now wonder that the PulTec EQP-1A is mainly used on bass and drums. 

But of course you are a mixing engineer who tries out everything! And so did I and I must say that it also works wonderfully on vocals. Both the PulTec EQP-1A and the MEQ-5.





As they are vintage gear and are quite difficult to get the hands on they come with a hefty pricetage ranging vom 4-6.000 USD as of today.



If you want to read more about this amazing tools vist Abbeyroads Institute’s article about the PultTec! Just found it the other day, thought I might share it with you!



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